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 Chattanooga Area Swim League

Rules and Regulations
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Rules &
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Chattanooga Area Swim League
Rules and Regulations
022013 v4
The following rules, regulations and policies are adopted by the Board of Directors of the Chattanooga Area Swim League (CASL or the League) under the authority of Article VIII of the By-Laws.
1. In order to be eligible to be a member of a team and to swim in League meets, a swimmer must be either a permanent resident of the Chattanooga area or a temporary resident who meets the conditions provided below. A permanent residence shall be defined as a participant’s primary residence and shall be described by a specific street address, city, state, and zip code. For the purposes of these policies, the term "Chattanooga area" shall mean a 60 mile radius of the Hamilton County Courthouse. Teams located more than 50 miles from the courthouse are given a permanent exception so that they may have an appropriate recruiting area.
2. In order for a temporary resident to be eligible to be a member of a team and to swim in League meets, the swimmer, prior to the team's first meet of the season, must have: (a) established temporary residence in the Chattanooga area; and (b) provided the team's pool representative with a written statement of the swimmer’s intention to reside in the Chattanooga area for the duration of the season and to participate in at least two-thirds of the team's meets during the season.
3. June 1 shall determine a swimmer's age for the season. A swimmer will be classified in the same age group for the entire season. An athlete may compete in CASL, including the City Meet, through and including the summer following the athlete's high school graduation, provided he/she is no older than 19 years of age on Dec 31st of the graduation year. Exceptions may be brought before the CASL Board and will be reviewed on an individual basis.
1. Teams which have not registered on the date specified by the Board of Directors will forfeit the first meet and will forfeit each subsequent meet until registered.
2. All swimmers must be registered with the League through any of its participating members to be eligible to participate in dual meet competition of the League.
3. Each team must submit a standard, League-issued registration card signed by the parent or guardian of each swimmer, and signed by the team Coach, Pool Representative or other adult team representatives designated by the Pool Representative, for each team member, accompanied by the individual registration fee ($6 for each swimmer) and the team entry fee ($150 for each team), to the Registration Secretary on a date set by the Board of Directors, a minimum of five (5) days before the first scheduled meet of the season. The official beginning of the competitive season of the League is established on this date of registration. All registration information is to be accurate and current as of this date of registration. Each team shall furnish to the Registration Secretary, on
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Chattanooga Area Swim League
Rules and Regulations
022013 v4
a League issued form, a typed list of all swimmers, including ages, grade in school, and addresses. This information is to be submitted at the initial registration and must agree with the forms submitted at that time. The pool representative must certify that the forms and the list are identical. In the event of any discrepancy, the list shall take precedence. When additional registration forms are submitted to the Registration Secretary, it then becomes the responsibility of the Registration Secretary to add such forms to the initial team list.
4. Late swim team applicants seeking addition to swim team rosters may register at any time during the League competitive season. In order for late applicants to be considered eligible to participate in a meet, registration forms and fees must be in the possession of the Registration Secretary at least twenty-four (24) hours for swimmers prior to the scheduled start of the meet.
5. A swimmer shall not be registered to swim with two (2) participating teams of the League at any one time.
6. Participation by an improperly registered swimmer (which shall include swimmers registered but fees not received) shall result in the loss of all points by such swimmer or by any relay on which such swimmer participated.
7. The pool representative has the responsibility for providing the following materials at initial registration:
a. A certificate of insurance documenting minimum coverages are met;
b. A list of participants registered for swimming;
c. A list of entities included as additional insured on the policy; and
d. A list of trained meet officials from such team.
8. It is required that a Swim Coach of each team on the pool deck at practice and at meets be registered with CASL as having completed the following courses or equivalent as approved by the League’s Board of Director:
a. American Red Cross Safety Training for Swim Coaches or Lifeguard Certification
b. American Red Cross Standard First Aid
c. American Red Cross CPR
1. The League mandates that each team maintain a minimum participant insurance coverage for all League-sanctioned events, including dual, developmental, invitational, and championship meets. Entities explicitly covered by the insurance shall include the League, each member pool where League competition occurs, team coaches, participants, officials, volunteers, and any other owner, manager, or lessor of pool facilities used by member teams. As a minimum, such insurance shall provide the following coverage:
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Chattanooga Area Swim League
Rules and Regulations
022013 v4
a. $1,000,000 general liability per occurrence,
b. $1,000,000 participant legal liability per occurrence.
c. $25,000 participant excess medical expense per occurrence ($250 deductible).
2. To facilitate uniformity in coverage for all League teams and events, the League further mandates that each team maintain the specified insurance with the K&K Insurance Group for swim participants. In the event that a team has coverage other than with K&K Insurance Group, it shall provide to the Registration Secretary, no later than the coaches meeting before each season, a written summary from the issuing insurance agent of any differences in coverage provided under such policy from the coverage provided by K&K Insurance Group. The By-Laws Committee shall have authority to accept or reject such alternative coverage; provided that any rejection shall be in writing and shall identify the specific reason(s) for such rejection.
3. If appropriate insurance materials are not provided at initial registration, that team shall forfeit all meets or competition until a certificate of insurance is presented to the Registration Secretary.
4. It is the sole responsibility of member teams to ensure that participants registering for League competition after the initial coaches meeting are reported to the Registration Secretary and included under the team’s insurance policy prior to competing in League-sanctioned events.
1. In order to request a transfer of team membership without penalty, a letter must be submitted to the Board by the parents or guardian of the team member stating the reasons and basis for the transfer. Such transfer cannot be made during the swim season.
2. If a swimmer has a bona fide change in legal residence, supported by documentation such as a utility bill, and the Board in its discretion determines that as a result the swimmer's residence is significantly closer to another pool, the swimmer may transfer to that team without penalty. Such transfer cannot be made during a swim season.
3. In the event that a League member fails to field a team for a competitive year, each swimmer from such team may transfer to any team of his or her choice without penalty. Registration forms must be marked, “Transferred from _____ (name of team)_____.”
4. When a new team is admitted to the League, any swimmer within the League may register with the new team at the time of initial registration without transfer penalty.
5. The head swimming coach of any team (or his or her children) may transfer to the team that he or she coaches without penalty. The penalty will not be waived for assistant coaches or lifeguards (or their children or siblings).
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Chattanooga Area Swim League
Rules and Regulations
022013 v4
6. A swimmer may transfer from one member team to another member team without penalty if the swimmer is registered with a team for one year without being allowed to compete for points. The burden of proof shall be the previous year's official records.
7. A registered swimmer of either the current competitive season or of the previous season may transfer to an accepting team of his or her choice by means of a penalty. The penalty shall be that the swimmer shall not participate in half of the dual meets of the team to which he or she is transferring during the current or succeeding season following the date of transfer. The first penalty meet will be the first meet after receipt of the registration card by the Registration Secretary. The additional penalty meets shall follow in immediate sequence. Registration forms shall be marked, “Transferred from _____(name of team)_____.”
8. The first violation of these transfer rules shall result in the forfeiting of all points scored by the offending swimmer. A written warning shall be sent to the offending swimmer, the coach and pool representative by the Registration Secretary notifying them that the team has also been placed on probation. Any subsequent violation by said swimmer for the duration of the current swim season, or, if such conditions extend in the next season, will result in the forfeiture of the meet(s) in which the second and any succeeding offenses occur.
9. If the transfer penalty has not been satisfied, a swimmer may not accumulate team points or participate on a relay in any League sanctioned city championship. Swimmers may compete unattached for individual points.
10. The Registration Secretary shall furnish a list of all transfer swimmers to each pool representative before the first regular season dual meet. For each team, the list shall include the transfer swimmer’s name, prior team affiliation, and penalty status. Transfer swimmers added after the first dual meet must observe the penalty. The Registration Secretary shall notify each pool rep of such swimmers and their respective eligibility dates.
1. All meets of the League shall be conducted under the current short course rules of United States Swimming or its successor, unless modified by the following exceptions:
2. The starter will not be required to use whistle start commands.
3. If, in the starter's opinion, a false start has been committed, the starter shall give a signal to recall the swimmers. The false start shall be called upon the individual swimmer or swimmers and not the field. Any swimmer must be disqualified on the second false start and shall not swim the event.
4. The head official shall have the authority to waive or alter any of these MEET RULES in the interest of safety and fairness.
5. All meets shall begin at 6:00 p.m., unless otherwise scheduled by the pool representatives and submitted to the League on a date set by the Board of
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Chattanooga Area Swim League
Rules and Regulations
022013 v4
Directors, a minimum of five (5) days before the first scheduled meet of the season.
6. Team entry line-ups, in League-approved form, for dual meets shall be exchanged with the opposing team and submitted to the scorer’s table thirty (30) minutes before the scheduled start of the meet. No changes can be made after the line-ups are submitted, except to declare an alternate to swim in official competition. In the event line-up forms are submitted after the designated deadline, the head official shall have the sole authority and discretion to penalize that team(s) five (5) points per each five (5) minute delay. The imposition of this penalty will be at the sole discretion of the head official.
a. A swimmer may be listed on the team entry line-up for a total of three (3) individual events and two (2) relay events, either as an official entry or as an alternate swimmer. A swimmer who is listed in excess of a total of five (5) events will be disqualified from the sixth and subsequent event and no alternate shall be allowed to replace the swimmer.
b. Any participant who swims in excess of three (3) individual events and/or two (2) relay events, as mentioned above, will forfeit all points scored and relinquish the finish position of all individual and relay events in which said person participated. In the event said swimmer enters the water more than five (5) times he or she will be eliminated from future competition in said dual meet. The intent of this section is that no swimmer shall enter the water more than five (5) times, excluding exhibition events.
7. Each team shall be allowed to list three (3) swimmers per individual event to swim officially in scoring competition, however, only the scores of the top two official swimmers from each team will be recorded.
8. Each team will be allowed to list one (1) alternate swimmer per individual event and two (2) alternate swimmers per relay event. Alternate swimmers will be listed on the entry line-up in column order, following the listing of the official swimmers and should be designated as alternate swimmers.
9. If the listed alternate is to swim as an official swimmer, the alternate must be declared to the scorer’s table before the beginning of the preceding event. The penalty for failing to declare an alternate swimmer as an official swimmer will be the disqualification of the relay team swimming the undeclared alternate or the disqualification of the undeclared swimmer swimming in an individual event. If a meet is postponed after an alternate has been declared as the official swimmer in any event, but such event has not been swum prior to the postponement, such declaration may be revised, using the original line up; provided such declaration is made prior to the start of the make-up session.
10. Dual meets will be conducted by a League standardized order of events. Minor changes in the order of events may be authorized by the meet referee with the consent of both coaches to expedite changing of lane ropes, to accommodate weather conditions or other intricacies of local pool conditions.
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Chattanooga Area Swim League
Rules and Regulations
022013 v4
11. Swimmers will compete within their own age grouping (except as described below) and only in competition with swimmers of their own sex. Age groups shall consist of: (a) 8 years of age and under; (b) 9 and 10 year ages, (c) 11 and 12 year ages; (d) 13 and 14 year ages; and (e) 15 and up year ages.
a. INDIVIDUAL EVENTS - DUAL MEETS: a swimmer may compete in the next higher age group provided he/she is not taking the place of an eligible swimmer in that age group who is present at the meet. Once a swimmer has been declared as moving up to the next age group, he/she must swim all individual events in the higher age group for the duration of the meet. Relay participation is not effected. Therefore, a swimmer who moved up an age group for individual events may return to his/her appropriate CASL age group for relay events. The team coach or pool representative must inform the scoring table which swimmers will be competing in a higher age group prior to the start of the meet. Penalty for failing to comply with this notification will be the deduction of all awarded individual points the swimmer in question may have earned for that meet.
b. RELAY EVENTS - DUAL MEETS AND CITY MEET: a swimmer may compete on a relay in his/her appropriate CASL age group OR he/she may compete on a relay in the next higher age group (provided he/she is not taking the place of an eligible swimmer in that age group who is present at the meet). However, the swimmer in question cannot swim in two different age groups for the same relay event. For example, a swimmer may not swim on the 11-12 free relay and swim on the 13-14 free relay in the same meet; however, a swimmer may swim on the 11-12 medley relay and swim up on the 13-14 free relay in the same meet. The team coach or pool representative must inform the scoring table which swimmers will be competing in a higher age group prior to the start of the meet. Penalty for failing to comply with this notification will be the deduction of all awarded team points for any relay the swimmer in question may have participated.
12. Placement of a swimmer into an age group is determined by the swimmer's age as specified in the Eligibility section. A swimmer will be classified in the same age group for the entire season.
13. The same age group male and female relay events may be conducted simultaneously by agreement between the competing coaches and meet referee to expedite the progression of the meet.
14. Swimmers will be required to stay in their respective team areas during the progress of the meet. Failure to obey warnings of the meet referee shall result in the removal of the offender or group of offenders from the meet.
15. When an official believes a swimmer to be inappropriately dressed, the official shall warn the swimmer and register the warning with the scorekeeper. When a swimmer is warned more than once, the swimmer may not swim in the offending suit.
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Chattanooga Area Swim League
Rules and Regulations
022013 v4
16. A regulation dual meet shall consist of one (1) competitive event for each of the four strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly), plus a medley of strokes event, plus relay events (one each) of freestyle and a medley of strokes, each per age group and each with separate male and female competitive events.
17. A regulation meet may be abbreviated or declared a complete meet by the referee only by agreement with the pool representatives of both teams.
18. A regulation meet may be postponed by the meet referee upon the agreement of the pool representatives involved because of rain, lightning, power failure and safety hazards, to be swum at a later date and time agreeable to the pool representatives of both teams. If no swimmer entered the water (i.e., the first event had not officially begun), coaches may change their line-up as they choose for the rescheduled meet; however, a meet in progress shall continue from the last event completed prior to the postponement and the same entry line-up shall be used for the rescheduled meet. If the pool representatives cannot agree on a date to swim a postponed meet, the meet shall be swum on any free date scheduled by the League at the end of the season. If the pool representatives still cannot agree and a scheduled free date is not available, the visiting team shall offer two (2) days, other than normal meet days, on which it can swim and on which its pool is available. The home team will then have the choice of those days and the option to swim at home or away. If the visiting team cannot offer two (2) days and cannot swim at times offered by the home team, it shall forfeit the meet. If the visiting team offers two (2) days and the home team cannot swim on either of those dates, it shall forfeit the meet. The home pool representative must notify the lead official of a change in date or location of a meet to allow for the lead official to schedule officials for the meet.
19. A forfeited meet may be declared by the referee if:
a. A team fails to appear at the meet location, or refuses to begin competition within 30 minutes of the scheduled starting time of the meet;
b. After the meet has begun, one team refuses to continue competition, unless the meet referee has suspended or postponed competition,
c. A team employs tactics unduly designed to delay or hasten the meet;
d. The referee, or any team member, coach or other official is physically or verbally attacked by any opposing team member(s) or spectator(s); or
e. After proper warning by the meet referee, any one of the meet rules is willfully violated in contempt or mockery.
20. If any person, spectator, coach, swimmer or member of a team performs or acts, in the opinion of the referee, in an offensive or unsportsmanlike manner, the meet referee shall have the power to remove the person from further competition or to require the person to leave the site of the meet. In the event the person refuses to follow the referee's ruling, the referee shall have the authority to forfeit the meet for the team with which the person is affiliated.
21. A forfeited meet shall be recommended by the Registration Secretary against a team found in violation of the rules while on probation for a prior offense. This
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Chattanooga Area Swim League
Rules and Regulations
022013 v4
recommendation shall be presented to the Board at a specially called meeting. A simple majority of a quorum will validate the forfeiture.
22. In backstroke events, all swimmers shall enter the water feet first. A swimmer who enters head first shall be disqualified.
23. During pre-meet warm-up, no swimmer shall dive in a lane while other swimmers are swimming towards him or her in the same lane. Where possible, one lane shall be dedicated to each team for practice starts. Swimmers in those lanes shall swim in one direction only, away from the start. In all other lanes, swimmers must enter the water feet first and may swim in both directions. Violation of this rule shall result in one warning. A second violation shall result in the prohibition of diving for that team for the remainder of the warm-up. Any further violation shall result in the team being banned from further warm-up.
24. At the conclusion of each relay event, the place judges shall provide the recorder with the names of each swimmer who actually swam the relay. The recorder will enter the names on the result sheet for the event.
25. Visiting teams shall have the choice of competitive lanes provided that all lanes for the visiting and home teams are contiguous. Either team may request to change lanes after the individual medley events, if the officials have not changed sides of the pool.
26. Either team or both teams may swim heats of exhibition swimmers. Exhibition heats in all events other than freestyle can be swum only upon the agreement of both teams. The pool representatives shall decide before the meet whether exhibition heats shall be swum before the official event in the stroke and age group or before the first official event.
27. Meet referees and stroke and turn judges will be approved by the League and assigned to each dual meet. Timers, place judges, scorers and other meet officials shall be supplied by the two competing teams on as near equal numerical basis as possible. In the event League assigned official(s) fail to show at the dual meet, then the opposing Pool Representative and/or pool coaches shall approve officials from the stands. If they fail to agree upon assignment, said meet shall be canceled.
28. The assigned meet referee and stroke and turn judges shall have the power to control the progress of the meet, shall make decisions on violations and shall be the only meet officials allowed to assess penalties. Team scorers are to assist the meet referee in verifying compliance of entry line-ups in accordance with meet rules.
29. Misconduct, non-compliance with dual meet rules, disobedience of the referee’s orders or failure to abide by pool safety regulations are grounds for referee-imposed penalties. The referee may issue penalties of individual disqualification, removal of scored points and place of finish, removal of a rule offender from the meet area, team probation and team forfeiture.
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Chattanooga Area Swim League
Rules and Regulations
022013 v4
30. Protests must be filed in writing with the Registration Secretary within forty-eight (48) hours from the conclusion of the dual meet by either the protesting coach or registered Pool Representative. The Registration Secretary shall notify the affected coach and pool representative. Protests will be acted upon by the By-Laws Committee before the next scheduled meet or as soon thereafter as possible.
31. Protests shall not be considered if based on a decision involving the accuracy of judgment on the part of the meet referee.
32. Action upon protests by the By-Laws Committee shall be final.
1. Each team shall be responsible for having at least one trained meet official available to officiate their dual meets (both home and away) and to work at least one session of the City Meet. Such meet officials must have completed the League-sponsored officials clinic not more than 2 years prior to the start of the season, or be a USS qualified meet official.
2. Meet officials will be allowed to work at meets in which they have a child competing.
3. In the event League-assigned meet official(s) fail to show at a dual meet, then the visiting team representative shall have the initial option to provide a trained meet official. If such team does not have a trained meet official available, the host team representative shall have such option. The team representatives shall mutually agree if more than one substitute meet official is recommended from the same team.
4. The League shall pay the USS registration and test fees for any meet officials who desire to be qualified by USS and who work at least four dual meets for any season.
1. The winning team of a dual meet shall be that team which (a) scores the most points at the completion of all scheduled competitive events of the meet; or (b) scores the most points at the conclusion of the last complete event of the meet called by the meet referee; or (c) is not at fault or the cause of a declared forfeited meet.
2. Scoring for dual meets shall be accredited to each team in the following manner:
a. Individual events
1st place finish 5 points
2nd place finish 3 points
3rd place finish 2 points
4th place finish 1 point
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Chattanooga Area Swim League
Rules and Regulations
022013 v4
b. Relay events
1st place finish 8 points
2nd place finish 4 points
3. In the event of a tie, finish place points for the tying swimmers are added together and divided by the number of swimmers involved in the tie. The same points are then awarded to each of the swimmers. For example, should the first two swimmers that finish an event tie, the points for 1st and 2nd place are added together and then divided by 2 (5 + 3 = 8 / 2 = 4 points to each swimmer). The next two swimmers to finish will be awarded points for 3rd and 4th places. If two relay teams tie in an event, each will be awarded 6 points (8 + 4 = 12 / 2 = 6 points for each relay).
4. An official swimmer or relay team must successfully swim and complete the full length of its swimming event to gain points for the team scoring. Disqualification, no participation or failure to complete a swim event to its finish will result in zero (0) points scored.
For the purpose of awarding traveling trophies/banners and determining which teams will move up or down between divisions at the conclusion of the dual meet season, the win/loss record will be the first declaring factor. Second will be points scored in head-to-head dual meet competition. Third will be a coin toss. All scheduled dual meets must have a final outcome determined by competition in the pool or negotiated forfeit. In the event pool reps cannot reach agreement on final outcome, the CASL Board will vote the logical outcome or flip a coin. Each dual meet season division champion will receive a banner. Division changes for the next competitive season will be accomplished as follows:
a. The champions of each division will be moved to the next highest division if a higher division exists.
b. The last place finishers of each division will be moved to the next lowest division if a lower division exists.
1. Once the USA Swimming Southeastern LSC publishes its Long Course schedule the League President will review the schedule and take it into consideration when selecting a date for the City Meet. The selected date will be communicated to the Board and approved by a majority vote. This vote should take place prior to November 30th of each year and can be done by electronic means.
2. Organizations wishing to be considered a host team for the City Meet must demonstrate that they are capable of hosting a meet the size of the City Meet and be approved by a majority vote of the Board. CASL approved host teams will operate in a rotation to ensure fairness. All newly approved host teams are automatically placed at the bottom of the rotation list beginning in the year they are approved.
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Chattanooga Area Swim League
Rules and Regulations
022013 v4
3. The team that is first in the rotation list will get the first right of refusal to host the City Meet on the approved date. A decision to host the meet or take a "pass" must be communicated to the CASL President no later than January 15th. If the first team takes a "pass" the second team in the rotation list will be given the offer, and so on. Teams have 15 calendar days from the date of notification to communicate a decision to the CASL President. If no team accepts the offer the Board will select an alternate date and the process will start over.
4. A team that "passes" will remain in their same position in the rotation list the following year. A team that hosts the City Meet will be placed at the bottom of the rotation list for the following year.
5. Any willful cancellation by the host team within 120 days of the City Meet will result in the host team being fined. A fine of $5,000 will be paid to CASL no later than August 1st of the year in which the cancellation took place and the team will be placed at the bottom of the rotation list beginning the following year.
6. The host team will select the venue for the City Meet, but the venue is subject to approval by the CASL Board. All awards associated with the City Meet are the financial responsibility of the host team, although CASL reserves the right to direct the type of award. The awards for the regular season division winners will be the responsibility of CASL. CASL and the host team can opt to combine regular season team awards and City Meet team awards where appropriate and share the cost of the award.
1. In order to compete in the City Meet as a swimmer, the participant must be a resident of the Chattanooga area as defined in the Eligibility section. To compete in the City Meet, a swimmer must be registered with a CASL team in such capacity and must have participated in the minimum number of dual meets, for points or for exhibition, or in any other CASL approved swim meets. Swimmers must have swum in at least two (2) of the regular season dual meets. Exceptions may be brought before the CASL Board and will be reviewed on an individual basis prior to the start of the regular season; exceptions will not be made during a swim season.
2. Swimmers will compete in their appropriate CASL age group, subject to the rules set forth in section F.11.b.
3. The League’s Head Official (or his/her designee) shall be the Meet Referee for the City Meet. The Meet Referee shall have absolute authority to disqualify and/or eject any swimmer, coach or spectator displaying unsportsmanlike conduct, which in the opinion of such Meet Referee tends to disrupt the progress of the meet or is disrespectful of any of the officials or volunteer workers.
4. During the course of the City Meet, a host team representative or a representative of the League will be empowered to delay, postpone or declare the meet complete because of rain, lightning, power failure or any other condition considered a safety hazard.
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Chattanooga Area Swim League
Rules and Regulations
022013 v4
1. The winning team of the City Meet shall be that team which (a) scores the most points at the completion of all scheduled competitive events of the meet; or (b) scores the most points at the conclusion of the last complete event of the meet called by the Meet Referee.
2. City Meet scoring shall be accredited to each team in the following manner:
a. Individual swimming events
1st place finish 20 points 9th place finish 9 points
2nd place finish 17 points 10th place finish 7 points
3rd place finish 16 points 11th place finish 6 points
4th place finish 15 points 12th place finish 5 points
5th place finish 14 points 13th place finish 4 points
6th place finish 13 points 14th place finish 3 points
7th place finish 12 points 15th place finish 2 points
8th place finish 11 points 16th place finish 1 point
b. Relay events
1st place finish 32 points
2nd place finish 28 points
3rd place finish 24 points
4th place finish 20 points
5th place finish 16 points
6th place finish 12 points
7th place finish 8 points
8th place finish 4 points
3. For the purpose of awarding place trophies at the end of the City Meet, the combined swimming competition scores for each team will be binding in declaring the order of finish. In the event of a tie, co-champions will be declared. Traveling trophies will be awarded at the end of the City Meet as set forth below. Traveling trophies are to be returned to the CASL Board President by the May Board meeting. In addition, each award winner will receive a banner.
a. 1st Place Highest team score
b. 2nd Place 2nd highest team score
c. 3rd Place 3rd highest team score
d. Lower Division Champion Highest team score of by a lower division
team that is not included in the top 3
Use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on the pool deck and scorer’s table during the course of each meet sanctioned by the League. This rule is particularly relevant to announcers, timers, recorder, officials, scorers and other persons directly involved in the operation of the meet.
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Chattanooga Area Swim League
Rules and Regulations
022013 v4
It is the policy of the League to encourage amateur competition in the sport of swimming and to follow USS rules relative to eligibility. Any swimmer competing for a League team who is also employed, full-time or part-time, by such team, or by a sponsor of such team, must abide by the USS rules. In general, such rules require that any job held by the swimmer must be available to individuals who do not compete for such team and have a written job description that does not require competing for any swim team. The League’s policy is intended to warn swimmers, parents, team representatives and team sponsors of the consequences to our swimmers of the loss of their “amateur” status, relative to opportunities in college, national team and Olympic team competition. Any pool representative may file a protest with the Registration Secretary relative to any swimmer deemed to be violating such eligibility rules. Such protest will be investigated by the League’s By-Laws Committee, which will include a request from the team on which such swimmer competes for documentation of the job description and method of soliciting qualified personnel for such position. If the By-Laws Committee determines that such swimmer is in violation of the USS eligibility rules, it shall advise the swimmer, the parents and the pool representative that such swimmer is no longer eligible to compete in League events.
1. These rules, regulations and policies may be amended or changed by a majority vote of pool representatives in good standing. Any pool representative may, by motion before the Board, propose such amendment. The President of the League shall refer the proposed amendment to the By-Laws Committee for wording to accomplish the desired change and to study the possible conflicts with other provisions of these rules, regulations and policies. The By-Laws Committee shall report back to the Board at the next regularly scheduled or called meeting at which time the Board shall make final disposition of the proposed amendment.
2. Any requests for exceptions from any provisions of these rules, regulations and policies and justification supporting requests for such exceptions shall be submitted in writing to the Registration Secretary, who shall forward the request to the Board for their consideration.
(Last Revised February 2013)
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